AdwCleaner 6 by ToolsLib (formerly Xplode) removes annoying Adware like:

  • Browser toolbars and smartbars
  • Hijackers that have made changes to your browser settings
  • pop-up ads and redirections
  • unwanted homepages and search engines
  • espionage software (Spyware)
  • unwelcome services and Windows programs
  • manipulated program shortcuts
  • Tagcloud: Adware, Malware, Virus, Spyware etc.
  • Tagcloud: Adware, Malware, AdwCleaner, Spyware etc.
AdwCleaner is completely free! The tool finds and deletes unnecessary advertising software on Windows completely! Without limitations Adware completely remove and return to work safely on the Internet with your browser!

Download AdwCleaner (Adware Removal Tool)

The software thats roughly 3.7 Megabyte in size is available on different downloading sites on the web. An assortment of trustworthy sources of the security software is listed here:

  1. ToolsLib
  2. Heise Online (German)
  3. Bleepingcomputer

Advice: When downloading AdwCleaner from some sources, you may have to update the Software to the latest version. The program will redirect you to the download site, from which you can download the newest version of AdwCleaner. download page

AdwCleaner 6
AdwCleaner 6 scans the system for Adware, after less than one minute the progression bar displays the end of this process and the found computer parasites may be deleting with a single click.

After the download: AdwCleaner instructions

Instruction AdwCleaner - To a clean Windows in 8 easy steps


Start AdwCleaner

Close all running programs (web browser, games and so forth) and run AdwCleaner directly from your download directory or from an USB stick. Click on the AdwCleaner icon using your right mouse button and choose "Run as Administrator" with you left mouse button.

AdwCleaner run as Admin

Answer the following confirmation message with "Yes".


Update the Software

In case you didn’t start the newest version of AdwCleaner, you are notified and the Software opens's download site. Download the about 3,7 MB sized application (again) and restart the AdwCleaner anew, just like it is described under point 1.

Update AdwCleaner

By clicking Cancel, you could also start AdwCleaner with an outdated version of the Software (not recommended).


Start scanning

Start the scan by clicking the search button. After that, the blue progress bar will fill, dependend on your computer’s speed, while the Software searches for common Adware problems. This process is often finished after less than 1 minute, though it may also take a little longer.

Scan button AdwCleaner



After the search is completed, AdwCleaner lists all it’s results, sorted in Services, Shortcuts, Tasks, Registry and other findings in their respective Browser. Now, all discoveries can be automatically removed, though you may also deselected by the user (not recommended).

AdwCleaner listing


Delete all findings

After the search is completed, all the findings or only selected ones may be deleted. In certainly 99% of cases, deleting all found malicious programs is the right choice. AdwCleaner finds this data based on an internal database and you can assume that every listed object deserves the label "Adware" and shouldn't be on a computer.

Clean button AdwCleaner


Restart Windows

After deleting all infected objects, AdwCleaner closes every program still left open and restarts Windows. After Windows has been booted up again, you will receive info on all the deleted elements in form of a simple log file (text file). This is normally saved on your hard drive and are normally stored under C:\­AdwCleaner\­AdwCleaner­[S0]­.txt. In this directory, you will also find a log file concerning the found objects (AdwCleaner­[R0]­.txt) and the quarantine directory the deleted findings were moved to.

Log files AdwCleaner


Inspect the browser

Start your browser (for an example Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari etc.) and make sure the browser manufacturer's homepage is being displayed. You may change your homepage as you see fit; corresponding informations for your browser can be found here. Furthermore, pay attention to the search engine used and what site is being displayed, when you open a new tab.

Should there still be any problems, execute point 8 of these instructions first and inform yourself on the German Browserdoktor oder English How-To Geek websites about further options


Remove Malware

Systems that were contaminated by Adware are oftentimes fall victim to dangerous and malicious Malware, too. Because of that you should inspect your computer further with the free version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and delete any infected objects. The premium version of Malwarebytes provides additional real-time protection. This is highly recommended, though not necessary for a manual system check right now.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Future better protect - that's how it's done

Frequently asked questions around the AdwCleaner by ToolsLib (formely Xplode)

What is the cost of AdwCleaner?

The Software is Freeware, meaning it can be downloaded and thoroughly used for free. There are no limitations or hidden expenses.

Reports and log files

After every search of AdwCleaner, a text file with informations concerning the found threats is standardly saved under C:\AdwCleaner.

AdwCleaner found something but didn’t delete it!

Shoot down all browser processes before starting the scan.

To be able to ultimately delete the malicious Software found by AdwCleaner, you have to make sure that all browser are not only closed, but also not running in the background. Either restart your computer (without opening a browser) and start a new search. Or you could start your task manager and end the active browser processes.

AdwCleaner quarantine

AdwCleaner doesn’t actually delete the found threats, but rather moves them to a quarantine directory that is commonly found under C:\AdwCleaner\Quarantine. Should AdwCleaner have deleted allegedly important program elements, you may restore those using the menu point “Tools” > “Quarantine manager”. Only after you yourself either delete this directory or files from it manually or when you uninstall AdwCleaner, will these files actually be removed from your hard drive. The malicious programs don’t pose a threat inside of the quarantine directory.

Error message: "Database corrupted. Please uninstall AdwCleaner and download it again."

Under Windows XP, Vista and 7, this alarm message may occur, because the current and subsequently downloaded version of the database is from the Internet and therefore discarded in the temporary Internet files. Here, your browser could mistakenly skip this updating, leading to discrepancies within the program. Should this error message occur, simply empty your temporary Internet files and restart AdwCleaner after that.

What is AdwCleaner by ToolsLib?

The AdwCleaner is a small program developed by "ToolsLib", which can be used to remove unwanted advertising software (so-called Adware) on your PC.

Is AdwCleaner safe?

AdwCleaner itself is not an unsafe program! It is a security Software for the removal of annyoing Adware. Known experts, such as Heise, Bleepingcomputer, Malwaretips and numerous more security experts, recommend the tool by ToolsLib for the clearing up of Adware. Of course, you should always secure your personal data before starting a larger scale system intervention when dealing with Malware. Depending on the type of infection by a malicious Software, a loss of data may occur, because the hackers program their Software quite intelligently to deal as much damage as they can.

What kind of experiences have you made with AdwCleaner?

In most cases, useless Toolbars, manipulated browser settings like changed homepages and standard search engines, browser-hijackers and many more advertising Softwares could be deleted in a fast and easy way. In few exeptional cases, like always, when system changes were made by Malware, problems occured.

AdwCleaner can't be downloaded?

The tool can be directly downloaded as an executable exe file. However some system-, network- or firewall-settings don’t allow the download of exe files. If that is the case, use the download link for The zip file has to be unzipped additionally after downloading it.

Does AdwCleaner protect you from Viruses and other Malware, too?

No! The program merely serves the purpose of removing bothersome ads and browser manipulations. AdwCleaner is no security program operating in the background!

For a permanent protection, you should research details concerning security.

Does AdwCleaner work with Apple Mac OS, too?

No! AdwCleaner only works with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1. and 10. A good alternative for the Mac is the similarly functioning program Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac. It is free, too and easy to use.

What Windows versions are supported by AdwCleaner?

AdwCleaner runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1 (32 and 64 bit) as well as Windows 10.

Where do I find the official AdwCleaner homepage?

The official AdwCleaner website by ToolsLib is accessible under the adress The information found there, concerning security updates, are in published in both French and English.

Where does AdwCleaner install itself?

AdwCleaner isn’t installed, but rather started immediately. That tool might as well be called AdwCleaner Portable. Thus it is possible to start it from an USB stick or a CD. AdwCleaner merely stores log files and the quarantine directory under C:\AdwCleaner.

Is AdwCleaner a virus

During a search, some Antivirus programs report that a virus is active. This is a false report that may occur during the relocation of an infected file into the quarantine directory. Deactivate your installed Antivirus programs briefly, if necessary.

Does an "AdwCleaner Portable" version exist?

Because this Software doesn’t have to be installed, but rather subsequently loads a current version of the malicious Software-database, so the AdwCleaner can be understood as a Portable application and used as this.

How much time does it take for AdwCleaner to perform a scan?

With most computers, this search for Adware often takes less than 1 minute. After the system inspection, the application shows all found problems and offers to delete those.

This is the way you can protect yourself from dangers from the WWW in the future

With an easy Free Antivirus (whichever manufacturer), you are only protected from real computer viruses! This is good, but not enough anymore nowadays. An emergency response from dangerous websites, downloads or E-Mail attachments is mostly not included. The manufacturers of security Software of course let themselves get paid for this all-round protection for the whole family, though you shouldn’t try to save money in the wrong place.

Costly system clean ups take up time, nerves and sometimes files, too. When your PC has either been infected by Trojans, Spyware, Adware or by different Malware has already caused files (logins, passwords, documents, photographs) to be stolen, your PC to be used for spam-sending, to provide illegal downloads or to be misused as a part of a bot-network, you often don’t learn about or even notice it.

From now, protect yourself from attacks from the World Wide Web using one of the security solution presented here and install a professional Internet Security Software on your PC, Notebook, Smartphone and Tablet! Here you can directly purchase and download these from their respective provider. By doing this, your system is secured and protected from countless attack by criminal hackers. Most of the time, you can also find these applications in proper computer-specialist stores, too. Informations about protection from dangers from the Internet and tips about a variety of further measures can be found here.


Direct contact is under the e-mail address daniel [dot] weihmann [at] adwarecleaner [dot] org possible. Like it and for us it is easier via Facebook or Google+

Which malicious software will be removing by AdwareCleaner?

AdwCleaner removes adware, toolbars and hijacker like: dns unlocker , cinema plus, oursurfing, yessearches, hohosearch and many more.

Not everyone knows that in computer terms and their spelling always right out - this is not a problem. At this point, only to be pointed out that on also the place for you if you, for example, searched for adwclenaer, adaware cleaner or adwclener.
This website is not, moreover, the offical homepage AdwCleaner side by the manufacturer ToolsLib, but rather as a "fan page" to view. The AdwCleaner is ultimately just the recommendation number 1 when it comes to the elimination of unwanted advertising software.